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All of our Yorkies are 4 1/2 lbs or under...... I have been told pictures can be misleading.  AKC says the maximum a Yorkie can weigh and still be recognized is 7 lbs.  So our babies and Parents are all on the smaller side of the breed. 

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Welcome to our web site.  We are very excited to offer you and your family the precious companions that you will find in the Yorkie and Maltese Breeds, and pride ourselves on loving each and every one.  Your new puppy will come to your home pre-spoiled and well played with by our family. We live in a small town in Oklahoma where we are very involved with our kids. I am also a teacher and the cheerleading coach for our local school.  So to say we are involved and busy is an understatement. We have five children one son who is 21 and now in college to be a Physicians Assistant, two sixteen year old daughters, one thirteen year old daughter and one eight year old daughter.  Take a look at the precious quality Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese. Please call me at 806-282-5439 or send me an email at yorkiesolutions@yahoo.com.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  Staci